The hardest part of starting any business is the beginning.

How do you start?

What tools to you need to make your business a success?

What are the pitfalls that you need to know so you don’t fail right out the gate?

When I decided to make land my next business venture, I struggled with all of this. I knew a little about real estate, but the land business plays by different rules. I needed to know what was essential for me to start.

After watching hundreds of YouTube videos, reading more articles than I care to remember, and reaching out to a few people in the industry, I felt I had a good idea of where to begin.

I was only partly right.

I knew enough to get started, but I made so many mistakes in my first 5 deals.

Here’s the short list of all the mistakes I made:

  • I picked the wrong markets
  • I filled out the wrong paperwork
  • I didn’t price my purchase price (or my sale price) accurately
  • My letters were stock form letters
  • I didn’t have an LLC so my wife had to sign too

In other words it was a mess.

Thankfully I was able to learn from my mistakes, correct them the next time, and create a thriving business.

I was lucky. None of my mistakes knocked me out of business. My hope is that you will learn from me and avoid all my mistakes, creating your business with less stress, less hassle, and fewer financial hiccups.

I’m going to show you how to set up your new land business from the ground up, how to acquire inventory to sell, how to pay for that inventory, and how to sell your land to eager buyers.